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Mr. Atul Gupta

......What else do we ASK for ?

When a child enters our life, most often we think its time for us to teach our children, all that we know. But the fact is that we need to understand, its time to learn from the child. It is time to learn about the life we have actually forgotten. It is with the small children and as they grow up, we too, without knowing start laughing, start singing with them. In fact life happens because of them and not because of us. We should encourage them to explore within and without. We must stress on the all-round development of child’s personality. Our approach should be to create good human beings, who will, one day, leave lasting impressions on the world around them, resulting in plentiful opportunities to explore hone and showcase their talents. It is upto us to create a loving and supportive atmosphere all around them and they will grow up well themselves. The more they are left free the more they struggle and learn and equip themselves to face life. Create a loving and supportive atmosphere. Make sure our children never get to witness, what it means to be angry, what it means to be miserable and what it means to be frustrated. That’s all. In fact they need our love and care and soon we will see them growing fast and healthy in whatever age and stage they are, AND What else can we ASK for ?

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